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meow me a river [Jul. 11th, 2008|01:23 pm]
Snow White Trash
[mizzood |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[i like listening to |"Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" - Edith Piaf]

drawing up tattoos i will never be able to afford

pretending i can afford to get them soon


american boys. and any from the uk. sorry, but spanish guys are pussies. no offense. 

motor city ghettoblaster beer. yumm. 

believing that death is always around the corner, and thus relieving myself of any pressure to put myself into some slave labor 50-hour job that i hate for the next year in order to pay off "bills" that are nothing more than imaginary numbers on a sheet of paper. if i die in the next 24 hours, i can still feel that the last month of my life was fulfilling, even if not perfect. 

i still like driving back home from somewhere outside of detroit, seeing the ren cen like a lighthouse calling sailors back to shore

my new stain repellent tablecloth!

no more nasty viking beer stains or cigarette burns! 

being on the list

i like my cat when he's sleeping quietly, or doing something cute

pretending everyone else is just as weird, qualifying me as normal!

replacing lyrics with the word "meow" 

the large photograph of Pope Jean Paul that stares omnisciently from atop my bookcase

this list confirms my belief that 
A. i am in the early to middle stages of becoming a hermit
B. holy crap my life is boring

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barfjournl [Jul. 9th, 2008|05:26 pm]
Snow White Trash
[mizzood |boredbored]
[i like listening to |"Candidate" - Joy Division]

back in the filthy mitten. 

welcome home, says my -$35.00 bank account. and the rent check that bounced because my bank sucked up my paycheck with all these ridiculous fees. i haven't even BEEN here for a month, how can they charge me with anything???

i've only been back for 2 days and i'm already bored out of my mind and want to stick my cat in the oven. shut up, cat! i hate you! he's such an attention whore...

moving may be a possibility in the near future. to a bigger place or maybe a house. with air conditioning. but who knows. i hate my landlord. i would like to stick her in the oven as well. 

i read 7 books while i was in barcelona. not because there was nothing to do, but because it was the first time in maybe a year that i haven't been too restless to sit down and concentrate on something. 

i feel so anxious all the time when i'm here. aside from working on pieces when i was at school, i can't focus on anything. i feel too cramped in here to work. going out always seems to mean sitting on a couch in someone else's house. money doesn't bring happiness, but it sure as fuck eats up boredom. maybe being bored has just made me boring. but i find almost nothing here entertaining or amusing. it's summer. i should be going to parks. going on picnics. walking around detroit. but every movement burns a hole in my wallet. every mile empties my tank. so i'm doomed to spend my days pacing the house like a cat in heat. i can't breathe, where is the ocean?

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gas strikes in europe..wouldn't that be nice if it could happen here? [Jun. 11th, 2008|12:22 am]
Snow White Trash
[mizzood |curiouscurious]
[i like listening to |"Peach, Plum, Pear" - Joanna Newsom]

Food, fuel supply fears as truckers strike


well there you have it. injustice happens, people get upset..and then they actually DO something about it. sometime's i think there is too much fear in this country...

in any case, i'll be in barcelona in a few days, and i'm not sure what's going to happen. taxi drivers are on strike, so we may have to take the subway home from the airport..though with 6 suitcases, i'm not sure how well that'll go. 

i already had to make the compromise of going vegetarian because finding completely vegan food products will be impossible..but now that food sources are being cut off due to the transportation of them, the supermarkets are running out of food. panic and chaos, i'm sure, but CHANGE. revolt. 

i'm actually pretty glad. 

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srsly. [May. 23rd, 2008|05:04 pm]
Snow White Trash
[mizzood |irritatedirritated]
[i like listening to |fucking birds!!]

Dear every annoying bird in michigan,

please congregate outside my porch and make the most irritating screeching sounds possible for hours on end. thanks, you're a pal.

yours truly, 

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yadda yadda yadda... [Apr. 21st, 2008|02:12 am]
Snow White Trash
[mizzood |draineddrained]
[i like listening to |"Teach Me, Sweetheart" - The Fiery Furnaces]

 damn. apparently after 25, you're too old to sell your eggs, and with my health problems..i'm not likely to be a good candidate. there goes MY plan for paying off school. i guess i'll have to resort to selling heroin..

i finally received my sewing bag and set of apt. keys...though i haven't checked the bag yet. i'm dreading it because i'm sure half of my stuff won't be in there. this song makes me a bit sad though. i wish things could just be the way they were before. i gave my heart to this boy, i really did. but i'm not going to stand to be treated as such anymore. is it just me or is anyone else exhausted? i'm exhausted, this whole situation has been exhausted. i have fond and sweet memories, bittersweet, bitter tea. i look forward to being 30, miserly and jaded. 30 will make it seem more justified. 

oh my god...is my cactus actually DROOPING over, DEAD? and who drank half my rum? oh, that was me. 

anyways, i'm not tolerating negativity in my life at this point. if you're shitty, you're out. don't waste your breath and mor importantly, don't waste my time. i'm also sick of being the mommy. especially when it comes to living situations. i mean for god's sake, get your shit together! it's not even a matter of common sense, just common decency. buy your own groceries! wash your fucking dishes if you know you're going to leave for a few days! there's a sinkload of pots and pans that haven't even been scraped clean or rinsed with water. everything gets left on me and getting any sort of cooperation is always the biggest fucking chore - get over it, you LIVE here. if you want someone else to take care of you, go back to your fucking parents' house! i'm not your mom! i don't want to be your mom! if i wanted to be a mom, i would go to the bar and get knocked up by some asshole. i feel like i'm always picking the lesser of two evils when it comes to roommates. i can't tell anymore which is worse. but i do know that someone is going to be served up a nice hot knuckle sammich if  she doesn't get her shit together. i don't have time for this. 

on a good note...
saturday's show was really fun, i just did clothes pick up after each act and came out for the finale, but it was fun to get dolled up. my first act will be at the end of may, and then i have to rehearse a new act hardcore while i'm gone because the alvin's show is on july 12th (midnite maaaaaaadness!) and i come back on july 8th! eep. we're decorationg the stage with a twilight zone kind of theme for the alvin's and blind pig shows, and i'm making this giant cardboard one-eyed octopus monster with a unibrow, a top hat and cane and his tentacles are going to be blown around by a fan. 
bahahahaha! amazing. 

i liked my other monster better, he was going to have giant feathery wings and hold a SPAG banner, but the girls liked the octopus guy better. he wasn't even an intentional sketch, it was something i drew on one of the pages of my history of crafts notes, and that was the only notebook i had on me at the meeting. 

i need to get a solid internet connection so i can start this: http://www.yogatoday.com/
free online classes from beginner to advanced! my boss recommended it to me, hahaha, for stress..
i don't get stressed out at work at all, but she said for all the other areas of my life, it would probably help me out. besides, i want to be more flexible so i can be sweet on stage. and maybe offstage...hahaha
i need a cheap mat. hmmm.

this is also good:

i love my hardwood floors, but it would be nice to have carpeting sometimes because it's so loud - especially if i'm practicing with heels on.

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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2008|01:55 pm]
Snow White Trash
[mizzood |aggravatedaggravated]
[i like listening to |"Angelfuck" - Misfits]

i swear i'm going to scream in about..1...2.....3..

it would make sense that if there was $4.60 in my bank account (this is AFTER adding in a pending payment for gas, and no other payments, transactions or checks were pending) two days ago and i haven't made a single transaction since then, then i shouldn't be overwithdrawn TODAY. but lo and behold..i was going to use my $4 to get a gallon of gas so i could make it to royal oak and back and what do i see when i check my account? i'm actually $9 overwithdrawn! what the fuck! this wouldn't even be an ISSUE if my boss had printed out the paychecks on time. 

some of us live paycheck to paycheck (that includes me) so when your boss slips up on something like paychecks, it really fucks up your life. so i couldn't go to class this morning because i didn't want to buy gas and pay an extra $35 for it in fees. my only option was to ask my mom to transfer money into my account until tomorrow when i get my paycheck, so she did. but she had to call my dad to figure out how to do it....so he bitches at her, then she bitches at me..

and i guess now i'm bitching here. to all of you! but not directly at you. and maybe just muttering bitchingly to myself.

everything has to be such an issue and gets turned around on me. 
when i graduate, if i'm healthy enough to do so, i'm selling my eggs ($25,000 each!) 
my parents will be against it, but then i'll be able to pay off everything and i won't have to listen to them bitch at me again! 

i'm almost tempted to just do it now and THEN go back to school once i recover..but i have to much i'm in the middle of and don't want to stop. 

well, in better news...
i'm (almost) officially a spag girl! woo! sam and i are going to be doing curtain setup with lisa and then i think holding up a banner? i'm not sure yet but we'll look damn cute doing it!

i told sharada about it and she was actually really supportive of it, which is awesome.
may might be my "debut" as far as an act goes. i just need to get this costume under way asap. 

i'm also going to be doing a couple pinup shots for a deck of cards and i'll get my very own month on the spag calendar! yay! 
july 19th will be the chicago show, i'm really excited for that, though i'm going to have to bust my balls ahead of time - i'll be in spain from june 13th - july 7th, so that cuts out a huge chunk of time. i also know i won't be able to practice in my grandma and uncle's tiny apartment. so i'll have to be prepared ahead of time. 

i have my review for work tomorrow, at this point my brain hurts so much i don't care what she has to say about me! i loaded my first kiln yesterday and fired it...figures it misfires! but it was at 567 degrees and climbing when i left last night, so i don't know what happened. 

anygaids, i have gas money now, so i'm getting the fuck out of here.
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yes and yes, please and thank you. [Apr. 4th, 2008|03:59 am]
Snow White Trash
[mizzood |gloomyecstatic/creepy]
[i like listening to |"Powerman" - The Kinks]

 for a total of $15 (plus shipping) i am the winner of a soviet general's hat - complete with sickle and hammer emblem - and a set of 4 child sized nuclear warfare gas masks. 

tell me, what CAN'T i do with these??



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arty good times [Apr. 1st, 2008|05:14 am]
Snow White Trash
[mizzood |contentcontent]
[i like listening to |"Strangers" - The Kinks]


check out detroit funk's review of our grand opening! (there's a picture of my piece in there, i was super excited to see that!) 

for those who missed, it was madness, but good times. the store didn't open quite on time, and as soon as it did, the large line of people who'd been waiting outside rushed in - and i don't think it calmed down till at least 10:30. i had to step outside or in back a couple times because i couldn't handle it! 
at one point i was talking to some older man and he was telling me how much he loved my dress and asking me about it, and before i could ask if he was there to buy or if he had anything in the show, i was interrupted by something and had to go. well it turns out that was Glenn Barr! dammit, if i'd known beforehand that that was him - i'd been wanting to meet him for so long! 
all of my pieces sold (more or less - i have people who will be buying them from me after the show if they don't sell in the next month) which is really exciting and gives me a little more hope as far as making any income from my work in the future. 
i also tied with 2 other people in being voted "best in show" which was also exciting (even if keith insists his vote is the only reason i won.)  :p

the new store is really freaking nice (and huge!) and we just got a lot of sweet new things that i want to buy like the giant strawberry tofu (no, shanta, no!!) 

i'm excited now to wrap up the end of the semester and start working on my show. hopefully today i can get together with scott so he can look at my work. 
i've started working with alginate to cast my fingers - i'd like to attach long nail-like parts similar to those in thai fingernail dance and then have them suspended in different gestures.

bangkok, thai dancing, hands. fotosearch - search stock photos, pictures, images, and photo clipart

next semester i'm going to work on casting keith a silver grill, which will be challenging...but if i can do it, it would be really sweet. 
i'm also inheriting some kind of airbrushing machine from my dad that he never used, so i'll spend this summer messing around with that. 

haha, i think when i get money i'm going to ask keith to make me one of his sweet airbrush shirts but i thought it would be funny if it had a vulture tearing apart some carcass and then it said "Carrion my wayward son.." lol, well i find it amusing..
i'm also excited for d-lux to customize some headphones for me. i needed a pair of big ones for the airplane because they block out noise interference better. but now i'll also look like a badass. ha!

btw..before i leave for spain, i plan on having a fare thee well BBQ and just for funsies, i think everyone should wear a monocle. and because i'm ridiculous, i went ahead and bought this sweet steampunk monocle:

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tough call... [Mar. 21st, 2008|03:00 am]
Snow White Trash
[mizzood |thoughtfulundecided]
[i like listening to |"Queen Bitch" - David Bowie]




i really like jason's work, but tim seems to do a lot of animals. however, their difference in rates will also affect my decision once i contact them.

baaaasically i'm getting 2 dwarf bunnies/baby bunnies, one on each side of my lower abdomen, one white and the other blue (maybe electric blue) with red eyes perhaps but i want the style to be super realistic, almost photographic. then on their little "rumps" they'll have a confectionary heart with lace around it (like the ones in alice in wonderland from the white rabbit's house.) one heart will say "bite me," the other "lick me." 
a couple pictures for reference, though i'll have to do some sketching of what exactly i want.

another thing i'm trying to figure out is how much time this will take...when i visit diana this summer, i can swing by the shop and maybe get a quickie consultation as far as price and how much to save up. also this needs to be done in a weekend - i don't know how much it will hurt, but i'll try to man up. the longest i've been worked on is about 3 hours but it was in a spot that didn't hurt at all. even though i know i can't get this till next year, i'm not in chicago more than once a year, and i like planning ahead anyways. 

input/feedback anyone??
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i.... [Mar. 20th, 2008|06:13 pm]
Snow White Trash
[mizzood |pissed offpissed off]
[i like listening to |"2+2=5" - Radiohead]

...feel like slaying every person in my path right now. 

mini bitch session? ok. 

got my car back 2 days ago. having driven it for only a few short hours, it breaks down again. and with having to get picked up, call AAA, pick up a car to take to work..i didn't get home till 4:30 am. but had to get up at 9:30. then go to work for 9 and a half hours by myself, with all sorts of people coming in to ask annoying questions and waste my time when i had a list of things to finish. 
and yet, when i needed longer shifts, i didn't get them. so my paycheck is insufficient to cover gas for two weeks, and there's no way i can pay for my cellphone (couldn't pay it last month, so it may be getting shut off soon..) and once rent comes at the end of the month...well fuck.

i'm so completely irritable right now...it's indescribable. i'm also unable to keep up in japanese class. and because of how retarded this week was, i wasn't able to pull my pieces out of the molds at CCS, so they're basically going to need to be tossed.


the only two small bits of good news i have is that i found  garden gnome for $10 (i know, i know...but i got $5 in bottle slips so really it's like i paid $5 for it) and he's totally perfect. for years i have been looking for the perfect garden gnome but they're always ugly and $30. i will have to name him...

and secondly, i've been planning my next tattoo (probably won't be able to afford it till next summer at this rate..) and i really wanted to get it done by jason vaughn, but i looked on his page and it said he was in LA, so i was frustrated because other than heggie, i haven't found anyone in the area i really want to get work done by. i was almost willing to fly out there and make a trip to visit megan out of it..but flight plus tattoo could be almost $1,000. not happening. 
turns out that he was just tattooing there but is based in chicago at deluxe tattoo. and wondering why that sounds so familiar, i realized it's where hanna aitchinson works (fun little fact there.) she's my personal favorite on LA Ink. but anyways, now i think i can just take the megabus (woo $20) and make a trip to visit diana out of it  - if she's still there next summer - and that would be equally awesome. plus i kind of hate LA. 

but other than that, life blows. and i hate everyone in the world. 


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